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Customers who have been with KVF for a long time will know that we are always looking at ways to take the stress out of health and safety, provide as much value and develop fresh ways to enable them to manage safety more effectively.

From our initial KVF online safety portal to providing face to face training, moving to Intuity e-learning and now putting all your Health & Safety in one place with Canopy Safety. We believe in constant improvement and bringing solutions rather than obstacles to managing successful safety.

We know many of our motor trade customers have in-house maintenance teams and we have begun writing and uploading a suite of risk assessments to cover tasks from bricklaying, plumbing to concreting and erecting scaffolding.

The tasks carried out by these teams and individuals very often fall outside the scope of normal tasks we expect to find in our workshops, body shops and showrooms. This can sometimes mean that they are overlooked, and this could create a large gap in many motor industry company’s Health & Safety.

So, if you’re a facilities manager and have maintenance teams travelling from site to site with no risk assessments documented, Canopy Safety has you covered.

KVF is known for the work we carry out in the motor trade and we are extremely proud of it. Since 2013 our founder Lee Kennedy has also been working with small builders and property developers and this knowledge has led him to make the decision to add these risk assessments to Canopy Safety.

We also have plans to expand our suite of risk assessments and include a new construction health and safety audit checklist, this will allow safety managers to carry out on site safety audits and inspections of any ongoing projects they may have.

We hope that we can begin to serve another niche business sector; small building companies and property developers who want to provide a safe site and can evidence this to the HSE. More small builders want a digital solution and most sites we visit have a laptop in the site office. If not, just about everyone has a smart phone, so all Health & Safety information relevant to any project can be viewed on any internet enabled device.

Combining our knowledge and experience to help businesses manage safety with confidence and giving them peace of mind is our wheelhouse.

We don’t just enjoy coming up with new ways to improve safety for our customers, we live and breathe it!

If you have any questions about our services or products, please get in touch.

Lee Kennedy – Managing Director

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