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Like many businesses that have been running for over decade, KVF has evolved. To be honest, I’m not sure how we have built and grown the way we have.

I put much of this down to our ONE TEAM, ONE GOAL culture that blends the experiences and ideas from the team. I am extremely fortunate and grateful to be surrounded by such professional, committed, and brilliant people.

Communication is key, not only between the management and team but also with our customers, who are also responsible for KVF evolution.

So, during a recent management meeting, the question was raised, “Do our customers and potential customers know exactly what we offer?” and the answer wasn’t a resounding YES. We have added products and services over the years, but have never really advertised or promoted the scope and scale of what we can provide. Well, here we go…



  • Canopy Safety – the most comprehensive, modular H&S software on the market. Full safety management for your business. Built by safety experts for safety professionals.

  • Intuity Training – 100’s of safety, compliance and fire safety training modules to help any business evidence and document a commitment to training colleagues using interactive e learning courses in many subjects and languages.



Not every business can justify employing a health and safety professional and every business in the UK with over 5 employees needs to demonstrate that they have a documented H&S policy and risk assessments. We have been providing this help and advice to customers, nationwide for over 10 years.

  • H&S Policy and Review - a company health and safety policy is a legal document for all businesses. As with any important documents pertaining to a commercial organisation, having a robust and well written H&S policy will reflect how professional your organisation is and demonstrate commitment to running a safe business.

  • Workplace Risk Assessment - whether this a stand alone risk assessment for a specific task or process or a review of existing risk assessments. We can help.

  • Fire Risk Assessment - all commercial premises are obliged by law to provide information and training to prevent fires in the workplace.

  • Fire Strategy Plan - all businesses have different fire risks and we can work with you to ensure staff know what they need to do in a fire emergency.

  • Fire Log Book - we can provide your business with a fire log book and give guidance on what needs to be recorded and frequency of testing and training.

  • Construction Safety File - we have been working with small construction companies and property developers since 2012 to help them meet CDM Regulations by creating detailed safety files. These include filing the F10 notification with the HSE, writing a construction phase plan, site induction and all relevant safety documentation to run a safe, compliant site from day one of any project.

  • Construction Site Visits - we will provide a suitably trained safety advisor to visit site and give a full inspection, showing how compliant the site is and working with companies to improve site safety.



  • First Aid - we can deliver FAA approved First Aid at Work, 3 day courses and Emergency First Aid at Work, 1 day courses in addition to Annual Refresher training.

  • Fire Marshal - we will come to your workplace and deliver fire marshal training to your team’s and give practical training in the use of fire extinguishers.

  • Directors and Managers Roles & Responsibilities - at KVF we believe that we are more at risk from what we don’t know. Unfortunately, ignorance is not a defence. Learn the law surrounding health and safety with this informative course.



We can also provide you with the following:

  • Automated External Defibrillator

  • Dorgard Smartsound Fire Door Retainer

  • Bespoke H&S Noticeboards

  • Safety Signage


Although this is an extensive list it is not exhaustive as we believe that all customers have unique needs and KVF are always happy to help businesses improve their safety. For prices and more information, visit our website at and get in touch if you have any questions.


Stay safe, stay positive and please remember that KVF are here to assist you.

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