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Updated: Apr 21, 2022

CANOPY Safety is now even better


Here at KVF we've been keeping ourselves extremely busy, not only in assisting our customers with their Health & Safety needs, but also by improving our inhouse Health & Safety Management and Compliance software - CANOPY Safety.


Our latest batch of updates are now LIVE and ready to use. So what's new?

  • Dashboard

    • The ability to switch between different audit scores

  • Audits

    • A new enhanced audit library

  • Checklists ** NEW **

    • Create and manage your own checklists, or select from our library

  • Risk Assessments

    • Increased functionality with additional controls for Workplace activities and COSHH, including MSDS pictograms and descriptive text

  • Incidents

    • Updated categories and incident types to help manage Near Misses and Accidents in the workplace

  • Files

    • Updated content including templated Polices & Procedures for your continued use

  • Notifications

    • As well as the automated system generated notifications for FIXES etc. you now have the ability to send messages directly to other users within your company

  • Reminders

    • The ability to select your own date range and frequency for workplace activities i.e. service & maintenance, inspections, employee training etc.

  • MI Reporting ** NEW **

    • Download various data and export to excel for further GAP analysis / identify trend hotspots

  • Contact Us ** NEW **

    • Instant help when you need it with dedicated email support


Some of our customers require variations to the audit format and type of questions being asked. No problem at all - we've got you covered and can tailor our audits to suit you and your needs.

Feedback received from our customers using CANOPY Safety has been outstanding, and many of the development ideas have come directly from them. We at KVF are always looking to improve upon our services and we do this by listening to our customers, and continually moving forward.

Don’t just take our word for it. If you are struggling to manage Health & Safety in your workplace and need some help, our software will help you to achieve this.

Regardless of the size of your business, KVF will have a solution to assist you.

Don't delay, get in touch today: or

Thank you for reading and have a good day!

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