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It has always been our intention to provide a regular blog, to keep our customers and followers updated on latest safety trends, news, and insights. Unfortunately, so many things have taken priority over what has been an incredibly tough 18 months for all of us in one way or another. So for this, we would like to apologise and assure you that we now intend to return to delivering a more regular Blog to your inbox.

So, what have we been doing? Throughout 2020 and 2021, like you, we have been faced with very new, unknown and ever-changing circumstances and although Health and Safety practitioners are not Medical experts, we kept up to date with government guidelines for COVID-19 to provide risk assessments that allowed critical businesses to continue to operate, and in preparation for non-essential businesses to open safely as the restrictions eased.

After an initial period of Furlough leave for all but our Director, we began to get requests for site visits and were increasingly busier providing remote e-learning for staff through our INTUITY Training system. Despite losing some staff members we are lucky to have our core team in place and to welcome Jason Grant as Senior Health & Safety Advisor. Jason has an impressive background in health & safety management and advice and has already become a valuable member of the KVF Team.

I very much want to thank the KVF Team, past and present. Jamie McPhie continues to develop his skills and has carried out some very challenging but successful First Aid face to face training. Simon Wareham has been instrumental to KVF’s success with his calm leadership skills, his efficiency in helping customers with INTUITY Training and CANOPY Safety queries and throughout this time, has worked closely with our software developers, to improve and update CANOPY Safety to make it more user friendly and allowing it to be translated into 38 languages. Lastly we could not fail to mention our very own Super Fi, Fiona Nelmes, who has juggled home schooling, organising ever changing diaries and accommodated customers with her usual cheerful and positive approach to not only looking after hundreds of customers but a team that sometimes didn’t know whether we were coming or going?

Thank you Team KVF.

I would also like to thank our customers - old and new - for their patience. We have been lucky enough to welcome new customers to KVF and many of our customers have invested heavily in online and face to face training.

All in all it has been a challenging but ultimately rewarding time and I have, mostly, enjoyed the journey. It seems to have brought us closer to our customers.

We have also seen interest for CANOPY Safety software in other sectors and have helped some newer customers reach CHAS accreditation and we are working on providing a more general workplace safety audit on CANOPY Safety.

We fully intend to make this the first of at least one monthly blog and we would appreciate feedback from you so we can answer any common questions, problems or bring awareness to anything you feel might be relevant for our followers.

Thank you for reading and please stay safe.

Lee Kennedy – Managing Director KVF.

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