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Toolbox Talk 001

Moving & Lifting Barrels & Inanimate Objects

In our last blog we discussed the importance of task specific training and how we can best achieve this in motor industry workplaces.

One area we have seen increasing accident trends is in Parts Department’s.

Moving unwieldy, large, awkward objects like barrels, larger vehicle parts (bumpers, doors and panels in body shops). So welcome to our first Monthly edition of Toolbox Talks. These will be exclusive to Canopy Safety users and will be uploaded, along with our Toolbox Talk delegate register, to record trainees data for your records, onto the Global Library in the Files section of our innovative, motor trade specific H&S software platform.

So to recap, here are some reminders on how to deliver an effective Toolbox Talk;

Toolbox talks should be delivered by workshop controllers, master technicians or department managers.

These simple tips can help you in your toolbox talk delivery:

  1. Practice makes perfect. Yes, it's a cliché - but it's true...

  2. Stay on topic. Try not to get side-tracked by other subjects or topics...

  3. Pace yourself...

  4. Keep it simple...

  5. Present positively...

  6. Engage and involve...

  7. Speak then listen...

  8. Check everyone understands and record everyone involved to keep record of training.

We at KVF really believe that Toolbox Talks are ideal for raising awareness.

Please remember, task specific training should take place only once the basics of health and safety training have been issued to your teams. To get more information on our e-learning platform Intuity Training, email:

For more information about how to get Canopy Safety email me at

Look out for our monthly blogs to let you know which subject we are covering each month and if there is anything specifically you want to see included, let us know at

Thank you,

Lee Kennedy

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