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New Hybrid & Electric Vehicle (HEV) Awareness

Available on our Intuity E-learning Platform

We have had hybrid and electric technology in the motor industry for 20 years but with a move toward sustainable, clean energy for our vehicles, we have seen a massive increase in the volume, range and availability of HEV’s and as health and safety experts in the motor trade, we at KVF decided to address this issue with a new, interactive training course on Intuity Training, our in house e-learning platform.

Why now? Well, any specialist training for high voltage electric vehicles carried out, was generally supplied for technicians & repairers by vehicle manufacturers (VM’s) or subject matter experts (SME’s) as they were physically working on the vehicles and the training is mandatory as this is a high risk activity.

What we have noted during audits over the past 12-18 months is how the workplace is changing with the introduction of this technology. We believe that everyone in the business should have access to basic safety awareness training to cover the basics, surrounding these vehicles. For example, raised awareness of the silence on starting an electric vehicle and the hazards presented to staff and customers, used to noisier combustion engines.

Nearly every member of staff will encounter these vehicles now, whether it’s a technician working on the car or a new member of the sales team moving the vehicle for a customer.

Intuity Training was originally introduced in October 2017 with limited courses to make safety and compliance training more accessible, cost effective and to increase productivity by making the training available to individuals who can simply login and carry out courses on any device with internet connectivity.

We worked with our friends at CrashAssessorUK who supplied the course content and made it available through an interactive course on Intuity Training.

We think this course will be a vital step on protecting staff and businesses and reduce the risk of potentially serious injuries and fatalities in motor industry businesses.

For more information on this course and any other products and services, get in touch with us today.

Lee Kennedy

Managing Director – KVF

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