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Helping our Customers become Carbon Neutral

When KVF developed Canopy Safety we had many agenda’s, high on our list was to create a paperless Health & Safety Management System and like many creations they take 10 times longer to develop and cost at least 10 times more!

It has been worth it though. Using feedback from existing Customers and from within our team of experienced Health & Safety Professionals, we have created a superior product.

We have a great live testing environment, the past 2 years has seen more customers wanting online audits and Canopy Safety is ideal for this, it has also allowed existing customers to use Canopy Safety to its full potential, uploading information, communicating with the KVF team to improve audit scores by submitting evidence of fixes remotely by attaching relevant photographic or documentary evidence.

Customers can also utilise online checklists, reducing the need for paper and these are automatically stored on Canopy Safety to provide evidence that your workshops, bodyshops and dealerships are not only compliant but reaching Best Practice Health & Safety Standards that KVF promote.

Of course, this relies on our Customers need to log on and ensure they follow our Advisor’s instructions, but we are confident that with the support of KVF and regular correspondence, most businesses can spend as little as 15 minutes using Canopy Safety per week to ensure it is kept up to date and have the peace of mind that they are running a safe and compliant business.

With the investment we have made, constantly updating our software products, we are confident that we can reduce the need for as many physical visits to site for our Customers, this will reduce travel time and our carbon footprint, without compromise to workplace Health & Safety.

We work with bodyshops that are wanting to become ‘greener’ and having a paperless, totally online system is a massive step in the right direction.

A customer described Canopy Safety perfectly, he said "it does what QuickBooks does for managing company accounting but only it manages Health & Safety." A huge compliment!

If you are looking for a modern, green Health & Safety solution and want more information, email me on or give me a call on 07535 877 180.

Lee Kennedy – Managing Director at KVF

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