Health and safety won't get you up in the morning... but it will keep you up at night

  • If the HSE visit your business and find something they are not happy with they can charge £210.00 per hour for any work they need to do, per breach. Paying lip service to Health and Safety could cost you all of your annual profit and you are unable to claim these losses back.
  • If they find something they consider to be dangerous enough to cause harm, they can stop work immediately and fine the business owner £20,000.00 per offence.
  • If an accident leads to a death of an employee that could have been avoided, the business owner could go to prison for Corporate Manslaughter, fined and barred from being a Director.

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Do you have a current health and safety policy and statement?
Do you have records of induction for ALL your team?
Do you have risk assessments?
Are risk assessments regularly reviewed?
Do risk assessments cover all potentially hazardous tasks?
Do you have an up to date fire risk assessment?
Do you have trained first aiders?
Do you have trained fire marshals?
Can you provide evidence of any safety related training (DSE, Manual Handling)?
Do you have an accident book?