Safe Storage of Lithium Ion Batteries

by Lee Kennedy

June 22, 2018

Safe Storage of Lithium Ion Batteries

Safe Storage of Lithium Ion Batteries

I recently received an enquiry from a very proactive Aftersales Director asking about safe storage of lithium ion batteries. This forced us as a team to investigate further and in turn made me realise that if one company is having this issue, perhaps we should share the information we have and perhaps it will bring to light details of other suppliers in the UK who can help to solve this problem.

I have written articles for motor trade and safety magazines on manual handling safety and electric vehicle (EV) batteries, written about general safety and fire safety in recent blogs. To read any previous blogs click here

The best answer we could find for this particular customer was Cemo Group

Apparently Cemo Group has a contact in the UK. I would have thought every company that supply safety storage equipment for automotive workshops would have leapt on this and I do urge any companies that supply this type of equipment to get in touch with us, as we may be able to put you in touch with customers who will require this type of product.

As the need increases for manufacturers to provide EV solutions and our reliance on this technology becomes more commonplace in workshops and body shops across the UK, we need to think about the safe storage of ancillary equipment required to work with these vehicles, how to safely manage and provide fire safety and first aid.

Safe Storage of Lithium Ion Batteries

As safety advisors to automotive businesses, we want to be on the front foot and provide proactive solutions, as opposed to reacting to incidents that may inevitably occur.

Our commitment to our customers remains to provide motor trade specific advice, to make the best automotive businesses in the British Isles the safest.

If you want any more information about this or any subject relating to automotive safety, don’t hesitate to get in touch.