Keeping your Team informed about Health & Safety in the Motor Trade

by Lee Kennedy

January 23, 2018

Health and Safety Notice Boards

When we visit our customers in the motor trade, one question we are asked about is ‘what needs to be put on our notice boards?’

We do have a legal obligation to display a Health and Safety Law poster.

health and safety HSE poster

This is under Health and Safety Information for Employees Regulations 1989 (HSIER). This poster tells us about our legal rights as employers and our obligations as employees. There is an optional section at the bottom of the page to fill out any details regarding health and safety representatives on site and any health and safety contacts, such as external advisors that you may have.

This poster should be displayed in a prominent place for your team, we recommend it is displayed in welfare facilities provided in your workplace.

Posters can be obtained online from:

Strangely, costs vary from up to £20 to £5, please ensure you are purchasing a genuine poster.

Can I still display my old poster?

We still see the old posters displayed in some workplaces. Since 2014, this poster is no longer valid, if your poster looks like, here is a comparison below.

health and safety HSE poster

Other items to display on notice boards

A notice board is a useful place to display other items related to health and safety in your workplace here is a list of items you should have displayed.

  1. Health & Safety Policy Statement – the first page of your safety policy, signed by the responsible person (Chairman or Managing Director).
  2. Environmental Policy Statement.
  3. Emergency procedures – a copy of your site fire action plan and details of your fire assembly point. Names of fire marshals.
  4. First Aid procedures and names of first aiders.
  5. Insurance liability certificates.
  6. Site safety contacts.

…. And if you want to be really good!

Depending on the hazards in your workplace, you can raise awareness by displaying posters on the following subjects;

  1. Electrical safety – more relevant with the introduction of hybrid and electric vehicles.
  2. Manual Handling.
  3. Preventing Slips, Trips & Falls.
  4. DSE procedures.
  5. Fire risk assessment.
  6. Risk assessments.
  7. H&S meeting minutes.
  8. Defective equipment report forms – to let management know about any broken items of work equipment.
  9. Health and safety updates.
  10. COSHH information – symbols and what they mean.


People react to information and learning in different ways, some people take things in visually and others are stimulated by practical learning and doing.

By placing items of information across the workplace, we are passively raising awareness. If you already have your Health & Safety Law posters displayed and want to add to this, work your way through the list above. If you are looking for safety posters try the following;

KVF Consultants are currently working with another Salisbury based business T Signs, to provide a bespoke package to include the following;

  • Bespoke branded H&S notice boards with the items mentioned above included that can be fixed to a wall.
  • A safety signs pack – after one of our advisors has visited a premises, we can advise which signs need to be purchased and place the order so all our customer needs to do is ensure they are displayed in the correct location.

Lawrence and his team at T Signs already stock a large selection of safety signs and can be reached at

I hope you have found this useful? If you would like any further support or have any questions, go to our contact page on our website