KVF First Aid Training Review Blog

by Fiona Nelmes

December 3, 2018

First Aid at Work Courses from KVF

Last year, KVF Consultants added accredited First Aid at Work courses to our growing portfolio of services. Since then, we’ve helped over 130 employees attain the knowledge required to effectively deal with a number of workplace first aid situations. We think that’s pretty impressive, because that’s over 130 people who now are now competent in life-saving skills!

So, why am I so proud of this statistic – out of all the year-end stats we produce?

Well, first and foremost, I’m a Health and Safety professional, and it’s no secret that our favourite task is reducing risk! One life saved from this hands-on training is more job satisfaction than any bank reconciliation could ever offer me and knowing our customers’ businesses are in good hands, is a great feeling.

Secondly, I’m a parent – a very proud parent, at that. The thought of being placed in a situation where my child’s life is in danger and I’m helpless, would absolutely terrify me because of the emotional burden I’d carry. Thankfully, I’m First Aid trained myself and I’d like to think I would be able to help in an emergency situation – be it at work, at home, or in public and whether it’s a friend/family member, colleague or stranger – and that’s of huge reassurance to me personally, as we often hear it is for all the people we train.

Finally, I’ve been a member of the KVF team since 2016, and I absolutely love to see our own employees grow professionally. Jamie has been with KVF Consultants since its infancy, and it’s no secret that he invests heavily into his own development and, more specifically, to First Aid training. I’ve been a first aider for 15 years, so I’ve completed many training and refresher courses over the years. I was fortunate to be able to join one of the Salisbury EFAW courses that KVF hosted this week, and I can honestly say that Jamie’s delivery of the syllabus far exceeded my own [high] expectations. We’ve always had excellent feedback from the participants and it was lovely to see him shine in an area he is clearly well-suited to.

So, did you know that:

  • Employers have both a legal and moral obligation to ensure suitable and sufficient First Aid provisions are available at all times, which includes persons competent in delivering First Aid;
  • KVF’s First Aid courses are popular with Employers, with great reviews from participants;
  • We deliver fully accredited courses that are certified and valid for 3 years;
  • We can come to your site to complete group training, or you can join one of our regular classroom training sessions in Salisbury, Wiltshire.
  • Our course content includes training on defibrillators (AEDs), which are becoming more commonplace, especially in the automotive field where electric vehicles are increasing in popularity?

We are so proud of Jamie, and delighted to have him as our lead trainer. We are equally proud of all the delegates who pass our First Aid training courses and love hearing about how you’ve been able to utilise your new skills in the workplace in a medical emergency – confidently, effectively and timely.

Please do get in touch with any stories of how our training has helped you deal with a situation – we’d love to hear from you.

First Aid isn’t the only face-to-face training we offer as a service to our clients. We are proud to offer the following list of courses:

  • Fire Marshal Training
  • Health and Safety Responsibility training (for Managers and / or H&S representatives)
  • Emergency First Aid at Work (1 day – previously called ‘Appointed Persons’)
  • First Aid at Work (3 day initial qualification)
  • First Aid at Work Requalification (2 day course for those who have previously been trained)

Furthermore, we have a library of online e-learning courses available on www.intuitytraining.co.uk including:

  • H&S Induction
  • Fire Awareness
  • COSHH Awareness
  • DSE Awareness
  • Manual Handling
  • Fire Marshal (1yr)

For a free no-obligation assessment and quote for your training needs, please contact us.