Adding value through safety in the motor trade

by Lee Kennedy

November 7, 2016

5 automotive safety fails

Let us add value to your business...

"Engaging a safety professional can add value to your business. It doesn't need to be a distress purchase"

We become involved with businesses for a number of reasons; 'our old consultant retired', 'we're getting bigger and we need to do something about it' or 'we had a visit from our insurance company' have always been favourites. After the first couple of months we usually hear 'we wish we had done this before.'

But there is so much more a good safety professional can offer your business. With the right input from management, the introduction of a safety consultant can improve the business in a number of ways;

  • To promote a 'human interest' to the team. Showing you are prepared to invest in their safety.
  • Peace of mind for managers; knowing 'how much is enough' and being given clear guide lines to work with really helps to focus managers and supervisors.
  • Conveying to the team that you are investing in a safety professional to improve employee safety and ensure they get home safely.

I have always said that the reason I love this job is because I am helping people and having lost the use of my left eye due to a workplace accident and having to change careers, I know how devastating an accident at work can be.

The final thing to consider is the Millennial Mindset. The next generation are coming into work and to get them engaged it is important to know what makes them tick.

  • 96% of millennials think reputation of a company is important.
  • 98% say a company's visions and values are important where they intend to work.
  • 100% say the company they work for must stand for something.
  • Apprenticeships in the motor vehicle repair industry are an important part of it's future growth and we need to embrace the change. Being able to provide a safe place of work is possibly the most ethical thing we can do.

As always, thank you for reading and I hope this has been of value to you?