Automotive Industry Goals 2018 – Stay focused, Take action now!

by Lee Kennedy

February 2, 2018

2018 Automotive golas

Stay focused, Take action now!

"There is nothing more frustrating than saying ‘I was going to do that BUT’"

Who else notices that in the first week of January, everyone is going to change, their bodies, their diet, doing more of this and cutting that out, sales of nicotine patches and gym memberships hit an all time high, by week 2 the goal is still there, you’ve got your vision board, you haven’t eaten sugar for 10 days and your body is aching from the new fitness class and you could swear your clothes are feeling looser already.

Then BANG! It’s like somebody put on the brakes! People stop saying ‘Happy New Year’ and ‘New year, new me!’ and our goals become wishes again until next year.

Does this sound familiar? If people do this in their personal life, we can say it happens in our work and business goals too.

So many people go into a new year with the best intentions, they have a To Do List, they start ticking stuff off and after a few easy wins, it becomes tougher and you are still getting the same amount of phone calls, emails, issues from your team. Nobody can blame anyone for losing focus, after all, what’s changed?

Take Action Now!

The good news is YOU don’t have to do everything. Look at your list and delegate the jobs you know someone else can and leave for you the jobs you are passionate about and you know you will follow through on. You will be surprised how efficient your team is when you leave them to do a specific task.

Stay on track…

In the motor trade life moves fast, before we know it we are preparing for March and new car registrations, taking orders, selling stock to make room for new vehicles, job turnover is at this time of year in our trade is phenomenal! The amount of people who have emailed to say they will be moving onto a new job in January/February is shocking and all of these things are obstacles.

So, that’s why, when you set out to focus on safety, get in that specialist motor trade safety consultant (I can recommend a great company!), get your team trained, replace your safety representatives, hold that safety committee meeting, whatever it is you want to do, nobody can blame you…

Nice theory, but reality’s a Bitch!

There is nothing more frustrating than saying ‘I was going to do that BUT’ those three letters make up a word nobody wants to have to say or hear. Yet we all do it, you were going to call someone to help with your health and safety, but…

In life, in business and especially in the motor trade, there is always a BUT.

Easy wins

If one of your goals was to review how your business manages safety in your workplace or you have been tasked to do this along with countless other projects, why not just block 10 minutes out every day to get in touch with a company, if it’s to book first aid training or any other safety training, spend 10 minutes filling out a contact form on a web site, emailing somebody you know to ask who they use, searching the internet for automotive safety experts, whatever it is, if you do this for 10 minutes every day until the task is complete, you will win and you won’t have to say BUT anymore.


Try to spend a whole day not saying but or writing it in any way. It’s harder than you may think and after a few days you will modify your language, things will seem so much more positive. Eventually you will not be using the B word anymore and things will begin to start looking much more productive and you never know, you may even achieve your goals!

Good Luck and stay positive, you will get there!