2018, Brexit and an Uncertain Future

by Lee Kennedy

December 13, 2018

Brexit and the future of the UK

As I write this final blog of the year, I’ve got the BBC News channel and my soundtrack is that of politicians trying to gain political leverage, using the nation’s future as the cover story to edge up in the opinion polls. As the ‘deal or no deal’ debate rages on, I - like many of you - wonder what the future holds…

Well, who knows? The only facts we can draw upon are those of history: recent and more distant. Every political, economic and financial analyst has a different angle. It kind of reminds me of the millennium; we will all, hopefully, wake up the day after the Brexit deadline date and discover that the sun has still risen, we all still have our jobs to go to and life will continue to go on as normal.

Let’s look at 2018. For the motor trade in the UK, many of the customers I speak to have said that sales have been slower, particularly from September. When I speak to our body shop customers, many have said that they really haven’t stopped! Perhaps the uncertainty has caused some hesitation to make larger purchases, perhaps many customers will possibly want to see how Brexit may affect parts movement across Europe and, in times of general uncertainty, people tend to be more cautious when it comes to spending money.

For us, 2018 has been positive. We have improved our internal systems, allowing us to deliver more quantitative audit results for our customers. We have introduced Intuity Training, which has been an enormous success; with well over 2,000 courses undertaken within a year; we have delivered more face to face training to customers, training 139 first aiders this year. To me, this is 139 people who are able to assist and potentially save lives in businesses across the British Isles, not just at work, also at home and when not in work. To me and the KVF Team, we have improved safety, helped to reduce accidents and raised awareness. That is our mission. As a by-product, we have grown in number and now have a team of 7 and we are actively recruiting another safety advisor. We have reinvested in KVF and will continue to do so in an effort to ensure our customers get the very best services and products.

So, what does the future hold? I’m not informed enough to give you a 100% honest answer and that is why KVF exists. We, like insurance companies, assist you in hedging against the future. Just as you would, hopefully, not drive a vehicle without being insured, for the risk of having an accident, you cannot be 100% certain that an accident will not occur in your business. The only guarantees we can make are that KVF will work with you and your team and, as long as you follow our advice, read our reports and carry out any actions we raise in those reports, you are greatly reducing the risk to your teams and your businesses.

This just leaves me to wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year. Thank you for allowing us to help you keep everyone safe.

My last words will be of my huge gratitude to the KVF Team. I am certain of only one thing; 2018 would not have been as much of a success without them, each individual works tirelessly to deliver, what I believe to be, the very best health and safety advice, training and services to the automotive industry.

Thank you and please be safe.


Lee Kennedy

Managing Director

KVF Consultants Ltd.