Automated External Defibrillators

Get an AED here to stay ahead of the game and help keep your team safe!

Automated External Defibrillators

Get an AED here to stay ahead of the game and help keep your team safe!

Lifepak CR Plus AED Automatic

New Only £915.00 + VAT through KVF Consultants

"The Lifepak CR Plus AED Automatic unit has a weekly and monthly self-test check, is simple to maintain and comes with an 8 year manufacturers’ warranty"

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With the increase in Hybrid & Electric vehicles, AEDs are becoming more and more common within the motor industry. This is due to a high risk of cardiac arrest caused from high voltage injuries. Automated External Defibrillators are not “currently” legally required within the motor trade. However, certain brands now expect to see AEDs and are including this in brand audits. It is our belief that within the next 3-5 years, an AED will be required in all workshops that work with Hybrid or electric vehicles.

We recommend the Lifepak CR Plus Automatic unit, which is the most widely used among commercial sites in the UK at present. In our opinion, this is because it offers the best long term value for money in that the battery life is reasonable and component replacement parts have a reasonable shelf life and price (this is not always the case with cheaper brands).

The unit has weekly and monthly self-test checks, is simple to maintain and come with an 8 year manufacturers’ warranty. We also have training units of the exact same model that we use to deliver our training courses (non-live versions). Further information relating to the units, its usage and warranty is available bellow for your information.

In terms of the numbers of units recommended for each site, this depends on the size & layout of the building, the number of personnel, footfall, past incidents and the siting of the units. KVF can complete a needs assessment for your site – please get in touch if you would like help with this.

While training is not currently compulsory on the use of AEDs, it is recommended that trained personnel are on site to ensure the units are used efficiently in the event of an AED being required. This ensures that staff do not shy away from using it when faced with an emergency. Any First Aiders will have covered the use of an AED in their training already. However, if you wish to provide training to further members of staff, KVF Consultants can offer you a 1 day course on this topic alone, or, the 1 day First Aid Course also now includes modules lasting over 2hrs on AEDs with a practical assessment included. Courses start at £115 + VAT per delegate (4 persons minimum).

Find out more about defibrillators from our Blog, written by our in-house expert, Jamie McPhie.


Lifepak CR Plus AED Automatic: £915.00 + VAT

Lifepak CR Plus AED Wall Bracket: £50.00 + VAT

Lifepak Set of Replacement Electrodes and Charge Pack: £85.00 + VAT

N.B. the delivery time on the units is 3-5 working days.

Our invoicing terms are payment within 14 days of receipt.

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