Meet the team and see our services

Contact us to see how we can help your business with all of your health and safety needs

Meet the team and see our services

Contact us to see how we can help your business with all of your health and safety needs

Our Services

Safety Audits

As part of our safety package your site will receive a full safety audit by one of our safety advisors. Your safety advisor will then provide you with a full safety report which will be scored out of 100 and include actionable points to help improve your score to make your site a safer place to work.

Site Visits

Our safety advisors will make several site visits throughout the year in order to support you with all of your H&S needs. Each visit will be pre-arranged with you and have a specific agenda, the first visit will normally be a whole site safety audit with follow up visits looking at policies and procedures, risk assessments and audits.

Fire Risk Assessments

Your KVF Safety Advisor will work with you to produce a Fire Risk Assessment specific to your site. UK law states that you must have a written fire risk assessment if you have 5 or more people working for you. You can see some guidelines on risk assessments at the HSE website

Safety Training

KVF can provide you and your employees with the highest standard of safety training. Not only do we provide several on-site First Aid Training Packages, but we also have an online training platform to quickly and cheaply train your employees in important aspects of site safety.

Phone and Email Support

As part of our safety packages we provide phone and email support for advise and emergencies. We can support you through a H&S crisis as well as offer advise on anything related to your site's health and safety

Monthly Newsletter

We provide a very popular monthly health and safety newsletter. It is tailored to the automotive industry and will inform you of; news, offers, deals and information related to KVF Consultants and the automotive industry.

Full Accountability

We have 100% confidence that our services will provide you with a safer working environment. You can read this case study to see why this is so important. We will work closely with you to help you action the recommendations we make.

Online Safety Software

When you sign up for one of our safety packages you will gain access to our online safety centre. This is an online user area you can access through our site to find all of your audits, reports and safety policies and procedures.